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YOU Were Born To LIVE Life

Your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results are a direct representation of your mindset and current circumstances in life and business.

After investing in countless mentorship programs, business courses, books, and seminars over the last 15 years I can confidently say with 100% certainty that mindset is the #1 differentiator between successful people and unsuccessful people.

Shiny object syndrome is a common problem entrepreneurs face on their journey, which in the long run will result in countless time and money lost. As I say all the time, the only thing worse than going down the wrong road is going down the wrong road enthusiastically.

There's a lot of great courses and mentorship programs our there, however, most of them don't focus enough on training your #1 asset, your mindset. You need a trusted guide and blueprint to follow to ensure you're developing your mindset to achieve the success in life and business that you desire.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve done this myself (meaning I’ve tested virtually everything and found what works) to become a self-made millionaire in my thirties and helped over 1,000 people in several different career paths and multiple countries earn millions of dollars, providing rock-solid proof that my blueprint works.

I've shared the stage with some amazing people you may know including…

Les Brown, Sharon Lechter, Greg Reid, Nehemiah Davis, Dan Fleyshman, Jeff Hoffman, Steve Trang, and many more…

I invite you to be the next Unfuck Your Mindset Success Story…

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Over 1,000

I’ve Helped Over 1,000 People Like You
Reprogram Their Mindset For Endless Success

Carlos Reyes

“You have helped many! Including myself BP! You are a rockstar brother!

Serial Entrepreneur

Greg Reid

Brayand is a champion!


Jeff Fagin

Thanks for being a superstar student Brayand! You definitely get this information at the cellular level. You’re the real deal. Keep learning and growing. You are special!


Benny Barajas

I’m so glad I joined this group! Everyone is a badass! I’ve made friends, business partners, and they actually give a shit about you!

Real Estate Investor

Ray Spencer

Three closings today. For a 352k profit. I'm still amazed at how I've spent years in just doing what BP tells me to do. I don't always take his advice but I remember his wisdom. And I can hear him in my head, "I told you mothafucka."

Real Estate Investor



Share The Power Of Mindset With Your Audience So They Don’t Get Left Behind

BP's most common speaking topics are:

Mastering The Inner Game Of Wealth (How To Think Like A Millionaire)
Clarity Leads To Power (How Using Clarity Properly In Your Life And Business Leads To Power And Massive Success)
Be Selfish In Order To Be Selfless (How Putting Yourself First Can Help Those Around You)
Networking Made Simple (How To Successfully Network With Millionaires)
Millionaire Mindset Training (How To Reprogram Your Mind In 4 Simple Steps)

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